House collections

There are five library locations within the Scandinavian Community Centre, with each House’s room containing the collection in that language, ie the Denmark Room contains the Danish language collection, and so on for Sweden, Norway and Finland. These house collections are not in the catalogue yet.

English Language Collection

The English language collection is on the second floor, off the mezzanine. This Library has English translations of Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Icelandic literature, as well as books on many subjects relating to the Scandinavian countries.  These include arts and crafts, folk culture, music, cookery, biography, history and Vikings, in addition to books on Scandinavians in Canada with a focus on British Columbia.  We also have children’s and young adult books, both fiction and non-fiction. The English language books are listed in the catalogue on the computer in the Library, as well as the online catalogue.

Library access

The Library is accessible during the Scandinavian Centre’s office hours, and sometimes later in the evening as well. Please call the office to confirm availability, as language classes and other activities are often booked into the Library. For more information, contact Pia Christensen at


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