Finn Fun Year End Party

9 May

Date: May 9, 2017
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Con­tact:  Mirka Nyp­peli at or 778–318-4924

Ter­ve­tu­loa Suomi-koulum­me kevätjuh­laan toukoku­un 9. klo. 6–8pm. Lapset esi­in­tyvät ja lopus­sa on kaikille kakkua. Tuothan tul­lessasi myös jonkun tar­jot­ta­van nyyt­tikesti tyyli­in. Kaikki ter­ve­tulleita!

Wel­come to our Finn­fun School year end par­ty that is being held on May the 9th , 6–8pm. Chil­dren will per­form and then there’s cake and potluck after­wards. If you can bring a dish to share, that would be great! Every­body wel­come!