Icelandic Christmas Bake & CRAFT Sale

15 Nov

vinartortaDate: Sun­day, November 15, 2015
Time: 10 am — 1 pm
Cost: Free to enter; baked goods are for sale, as are lun­cheon items.
Con­tact: Naomi Dyer 604-465-9471 or Pre-orders are accepted
Credit Cards are no longer accepted. Payment by Cash or Cheque only.

Craft Tables – contact Anna Bjarnason at 604-526-6775 or  There is no charge for tables.

Hard Fisk Café opens at 9 a.m. Have your breakfast coffee and treat and a visit with friends before the sale starts: Vínarterta, kleinur, pönnukökur, and rúllupylsa or hangikjöt on brown bread or flatkökur

For Sale: Vínarterta, kleinur, pönnukökur, lifrarpylsa, rúllupylsa, hangikjöt, brown bread, harðfiskur

Regarding pre-orders: Please be aware of the approximate cost of the items you order. Vinarterta sells between $25 & $40 depending on size. This year, there will be a very significant cost increase with the rullupylsa so please be aware of that if you are ordering. Hangikjöt is also expensive. These are all special Christmas treats and are purchased by all of us as extra special items for Christmas.