Time for Semlor

25 Feb

Time for Semlor!

 A tradition in Sweden this time of year is to eat semla -a sweet cardamom bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream, topped off with a “lid” and powdered sugar.

 Please join SWEA Vancouver on Sunday February 25th for semlor at the Centre. Listen to the Player Piano Concert and enjoy a delicious Swedish treat. You can pre-order your semla today and pick it up at the Centre on the 25th, between 1pm and 3pm. Price: $5 per semla.

Please contact Rebecca to submit your order: rkeckman@nullgmail.com or 604-789-5056. Indicate your name, contact information and how many semlor you would like to order.

You can pay when you pick up your order (cash or cheque).