About Finland House Society

Finland House Society (FHS) is a charitable organization formed by its members to act as an umbrella organization, and on their behalf manage, together with other Scandinavian House Societies the Scandinavian Community Centre. The Centre serves as a place where Finnish culture and events can be showcased.

FHS brings together ex-patriates, descendants, friends and all those interested to participate and enjoy modern and traditional Finnish favourites such as St. Urho’s day Vappu, Midsummer Festival, Independence Day and Christmas parties and craft fairs. Our membership is diverse and reflects many aspects of Finnish life (check out our member organizations page for more information). All of these events and programmes are made possible by our small ‘army’ of dedicated volunteers.

Come Join Us!

Finland House Society is a registered charitable organization. By donating or making bequests to FHS, you support its cultural and educational activities, as well as the operation of the Home of FHS, The Scandinavian Community Centre.

To join our little slice of Finland, attend an event or class or if you have any questions, simply contact the Scandinavian Community Centre office and they would be happy to help!

Come meet a small but energetic community in the heart of Metro Vancouver. Finland House Society welcomes all new members, regardless of roots.