NHS Scholarship

NorwayNor­we­gian House Soci­ety offers six bur­saries to stu­dents in recog­ni­tion of the con­tri­bu­tion of John Sher­man of John Sher­man Indus­tries; Egil Lorentzen, founder of Lornex Cop­per Mine; archi­tect Egil Lyn­gen; Erik Unheim, first pres­i­dent of the Nor­we­gian House Soci­ety; the Nor­we­gian House Memo­r­i­al Bur­sary; and jour­nal­ist Olaf “Hall” Leiren. The schol­ar­ships are of $1000.00 each.

Brief Guide­lines

  • Pref­er­ence will be giv­en to appli­cants of Nor­we­gian descent or relat­ed to past or present mem­bers of Nor­we­gian House Soci­ety
  • Must be a res­i­dent of BC
  • For Post-sec­ondary school or col­lege
  • Should include con­fir­ma­tion of enrol­ment
  • Must apply by 4.30pm Fri­day April 28th, 2017

Please see the full Nor­we­gian House Soci­ety Schol­ar­ship Infor­ma­tion 2017.

For infor­ma­tion con­tact David Moul­ton at 604–522-8182. Please do not call the Scan­di­na­vian Cen­tre office.