Midsummer Festival Lottery Winners 2016

19 Jun

Midsummer Festival Lottery tickets have been drawn Sunday June 19, 2016 4 pm onstage at the Midsummer Festival

All Winners have been notified.

Proceeds support Nordic Cultural Activities

1st Prize: $2,000: Ticket #5765 Denise Finamore
Sponsored by Jim Pattison Volvo of Surrey

 2nd Prize: $500 Cash: Ticket # 5057 Berit Sverre *Donated by Danish House Society

 3rd Prize: $500 Cash: Ticket #1249  Olaf Folkersen *Donated by Finland House Society

 4th Prize:    $500 Cash: Ticket #7005 Elizabeth Matthews. *Donated by Iceland House Society

 5th Prize:    $500 Cash: Ticket #0609 Karin Svensson *Donated by Norwegian House Society
6th Prize:    $500 Cash: Ticket #9511 Edda Langworth *Donated by Sweden House Society