Danish Language Classes

Fall session will start again Sept. 20th.

We are taking registration for the Fall Session in August and early September.

These are multilevel classes with curriculum adjusted to the needs and wishes of the students in attendance on a weekly basis. There is very little homework: typically students will write a sentence or two about their weekend and read it to the class. Corrections will be discussed. This vocabulary will be the basis of the lesson for the evening. Students should expect lots of opportunities to practice speaking Danish during the class. Students may use a notebook and pen or IPAD or laptop for taking notes in class. There are no exams. There should be ample opportunity to make new friends in the ten-week course. Students are encouraged to study Danish daily (10-15 minutes) and to make use of the many free language learning web sites available on the Internet.

Teens: No classes available.

Advanced/Intermediates: Thursdays, Sept. 20 – Nov. 22. If necessary, a make-up class will be added on Nov. 29th. This class is at a higher level of Danish, and the content is adjusted to the needs and wishes of the students. Students should have some knowledge of Danish.

Beginners: Thursdays, Sept. 20 – Nov. 22. If necessary, a make-up class will be added on Nov. 29th. This class is open to anyone of any level.

The cost is $100 for ten lessons, payable on the first day of your class. A cheque made out to Danish House Society is preferred.
All classes start at 6:30pm and end at 8:30pm in the Danish room at the Scandinavian Centre.

Please register by e-mail indicating your level to Annette Lauridsen: annette.h.lauridsen@nullgmail.com

Here is a little information about teacher:

Intermediate Class Danish Teacher Mr. Kim Sandvad West

Kim has a Master’s degree in Scandinavian Languages and literature from Aarhus University 2010. He now teaches Danish and Scandinavian studies at UBC. Before coming to Vancouver in 2017, he was teaching Danish and Scandinavian studies at the University of Vaasa in Finland and does therefore speak a little Finnish, Swedish and Faroese as well. He grew up in a small village close to Horsens, Denmark, where he spent most of his time in the forest, in the kitchen or on his grandparents’ farm. He came to Vancouver in August 2017 and is excited about the wild nature and the friendly and welcoming people of Canada. In class, Kim is focused on creating a relaxed atmosphere where everyone gets to participate and everyone can develop in their own pace.


To reg­is­ter or inquire: Please contact Annette Lauridsen: annette.h.lauridsen@nullgmail.com

Pay by cheque made out to Danish House Society at the first class.

Best regards, Annette Lauridsen, Danish Language Co-ordinator Danish House Society, Scandinavian Centre

New Teach­ers Needed

Our teachers are one of the most valuable resources that we have, and we are always keeping an eye open for new people to join our team. If you know of new people that are coming into town, might be planning to come here or already live here and have an interest in teaching please ask them to get in touch with us. Teaching at the Danish School is a great way to keep teaching activities on your resume, get to know fellow Danes in the area, learn about bilingualism, subsidize your income and have fun.

We offer lessons three times a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays), each lesson consisting of two hours plus prep work. Excellent verbal and written proficiency in the Danish language is a requirement.

Please do not contact the Scandinavian Centre Office.



Language Classes

Language Classes
If you want to connect with your Scandinavian roots, brush up on your existing skills or are looking for a new challenge, we have the class for you!

The Scandinavian Community Centre offers both children and adult language classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced speakers in all Scandinavian languages. National holidays, celebrations and traditions form a large part of the curriculum of each class, younger students learn through songs and games and movies, magazines, and newspapers are used to facilitate learning and to create a fun atmosphere.

All classes are held at the Scandinavian Community Centre.



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