Swedish Language Classes

Swedish Language Class
Adult classes are offered in both Fall and Winter and run for 10 weeks. Children’s classes fol­low a reg­u­lar school year sched­ule, and are designed for children 3-16 years old who have someone that can speak and support their Swedish on a daily basis. Books in Swedish are also available at the Scandinavian Centre for members of the Swedish Cultural Society. Please contact the Swedish Cultural Society on how to access books for adults and the Swedish School of Vancouver on how to access books for children.

Children & Youth Classes

The Swedish School of Vancouver offers classes in Swedish for children on Thursdays 4.15-6.15pm, Saturdays 9.30-11.30am and Sundays 3.00-5.00pm. All classes teach Swedish language and Swedish culture, including vocabulary, grammar, literature and Swedish traditions such as lucia and semlor. At the end of the school year we have a weekend spring camp, which is very popular both for kids and their parents. The Swedish School of Vancouver website has updates on the school and our community is a great place to meet friends and families that share your experiences of living abroad.

Our preschool curriculum has a play-based structure with songs and games for children 3-5 years. Classes for Elementary School (5-12 years) and Junior Secondary/ Middle School students (12-16 years) are based on educational plans developed by the Swedish Department of Education (Skolverket). From grade 2 all students participate in a specialised program focussing on reading comprehension and writing output, in collaboration with professional and licensed Swedish teachers at the Swedish company Svenska Distans.

Availability of students and teachers can sometimes limit the classes that we offer for a certain age group or day of the week.

Please check our website, or contact us via email svenskaskolanvancouver@nullgmail.com for more information.


Adult Classes

Begin­ners: Once a week 7pm – 9pm
Inter­me­di­ate: Once a week 7pm – 9pm
Advanced: Once a week 7pm – 9pm
Con­tact: Emmalena Fredriksson emmalenafredriksson@nullgmail.com

New Teachers Needed

Our teachers are one of the most valuable resources that we have, and we are always keeping an eye open for new people to join our team. If you know of new people that are coming into town, might be planning to come here or already live here and have an interest in teaching please ask them to get in touch with us. Teaching at the Swedish School is a great way to keep teaching activities on your resume, get to know fellow Swedes in the area, learn about bilingualism, subsidize your income and have fun with a multitude of amazing kids.

We offer lessons two times a week, each lesson consisting of two hours plus prep work. This fall we will be needing a couple of new teachers. Applicants with a teacher or preschool education are preferred. Excellent verbal and written proficiency in the Swedish language is a requirement.

Please contact us at  svenskaskolanvancouver@nullgmail.com for more information and the application form.

Language Classes

Language Classes
If you want to connect with your Scandinavian roots, brush up on your existing skills or are looking for a new challenge, we have the class for you!

The Scandinavian Community Centre offers both children and adult language classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced speakers in all Scandinavian languages. National holidays, celebrations and traditions form a large part of the curriculum of each class, younger students learn through songs and games and movies, magazines, and newspapers are used to facilitate learning and to create a fun atmosphere.

All classes are held at the Scandinavian Community Centre.



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